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Sarah Donnelly, Certified Massage Therapist

Sarah Donnelly, Certified Massage Therapist

My years of practice have given me a love and obsession for solving the riddles of aches and pains. To this end I utilize all levels of pressure from gentle, rhythmic lymphatic drainage to deep, slow myofascial work. Each issue is addressed with fresh eyes and no two treatments are ever the same.


Invest in your health.




Massage is a powerful source of healing no matter why you seek it. Whether for pampering, stress relief, or pain reduction, bodywork is the simplest step you can take to feeling better.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The lymph system works with the circulatory systems to cleanse every cell in the body. An out of balance lymphatic system will lead to swelling, puffiness, and heaviness in the joints. Chronic congestion, water retention, or post operative swelling greatly benefit from lymphatic drainage. Manual Lymphatic Drainage gently encourages decongestion and detoxification.

Fix It!

Injury relief massage is my favorite! Injury can be the result of a traumatic accident, surgery, or the accumulation of the demands we place on our body each day. The bodywork consists of stretching, microcurrent therapy, and myofascial release as we restore the body to an optimal state.

Post-Op Recovery

A combination of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Microcurrent, Cupping, and precise Myofascial techniques brings immediate relief. I specialize in reducing abdominal adhesions; and the specialized care required after body sculpting procedures. You’ll also be provided with post care ‘homework’ so that we can work together to heal you quickly and effectively.


Love Your Skin


Skin Care


Microcurrent mirrors the body’s own electric current (like a TENS unit) to contour the face, lift sagging muscles, and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Effects are immediate and cummulative. Your skin will be healthier from the detoxification and increased production of collagen and elastin.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The lymph system works with the circulatory systems to cleanse every cell in the body. The facial lymphatic system has to work the hardest as the sense organs are exposed to pollution, weather, and pathogens. It also suffers from emotional stress leading to headaches, tight jaw muscles, expression lines, and blemishes. Manual Lymphatic Drainage gently encourages decongestion and detoxification.

Organic Products

I suffered from serious acne from a very early age and it has been a constant battle through adulthood. In addition to the physical and emotional pain, the standard treatments consist of antibiotics and brutal resurfacingtreatments, creating more damage. I found a solution that addresses the problem by nourishing the skin instead of punishing it, using a variety of organic products and modalities to gently encourage rejuvenation.





Rates for all types of massages and facials are the same.  I offer a session based on time and customize the services to meet your individual needs.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes


Package of 4 (60 Minutes)


Package of 4 (90 Minutes)


Package of 4 (120 Minutes)


Urgent Need!

Urgently needed appointments are available each Saturday at 9:00 am and 10:30 am by appointment only. Please email or text. $120


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